We are here!

Fellow earthling and evolver, I can’t believe we are here today.

From amoeba to fish to apes, we became us - two-legged overthinkers who wear time on our wrists and trauma on our sleeves. We are here.

We discovered fire, invented steam engines, and brought WiFi routers into our homes. We survived the Spanish flu, female foeticide, notorious governments, and the real doozy - the coronavirus - which might still drop a new hit album we never know when.

We are here. On earth, in 2022, on substack, via email. And I love this place. This is not social media. This is special media. This is intimate. I am so happy you are here.

What is Evolving & Enough?

Evolving & Enough is an essay project where I write about evolving and growing and learning and shining — while pausing to accept that I am enough, just as I am. Though it feels narcissistic to keep writing about myself, I do it in the hope that every essay will find at least one sad and tired (and yet curious) cutie pie and whisper in their ears, “You’re not alone” or “Yo, we can do this!”

Season 3 of my essays is coming soon! Take a look at Season 1 and 2 in the archive.

Who am I?

I am Raju, a friend, writer, teacher, and a friendly writing teacher. That’s the big picture, doston. For little things that make me me, click here. What makes you you? Do introduce yourself too!

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